The specialty of the restaurant ‘Stara Chata’ is Old Polish and regional cuisine, which is based on natural ingredients. We recommend such dishes as:

– Knuckle of pork stewed in beer,

– Duck roasted with apples and cranberries,

– Game roulade with mushroom sauce,

– Mazuria mushroom with cream,

– Game páte,

– Tench with cream,

– Mushroom soup,

– Fish soup,

– Traditional Polish soup made from fermented rye.

We also recommend fresh-water fish dishes:

– Boiled zander in a dill sauce,

– Tench with cream,

– Grilled trout,

– Grilled zander.

In menu is included a range of vegetarian dishes:

– Smoked fish salad,

– Boiled dough pockets filled with cheese, black pepper and onion   and other vegetarian meals.

Moreover we offer dishes, which require to be ordered two days in advance:

– Roasted piglet filled with buckwheat groats,

– Roasted zander.

We also offer wide range of drinks:

– Cold beverage,

– Frozen coffee,

– Espresso Lavazza Coffee,

– Late,

– Variety of tea.

Wide range of alcoholic drinks is available at ‘Stara Chata’:

– Whisky,

– Gin,

– Vodka,

– Wine: sweet and dry,

– Liqueur,

– Aperitif.

What is more we organize occasional events:

– Weddings,

– Birthdays,

– Occasional dinners,

Organized groups, which are over 20 people, are given discounts.

The restaurant has menus in two foreign languages: 

– English,

– German.